I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.

The Captain's Log (The Holy Bible)

We have a wonderful Captain.  As mate of this ship it is my profound privilege to introduce you to Him.  I was brought aboard this vessel when I was just about old enough to be a cabin boy (14).  As such, I learned from the start that my job was simply to serve the Captain.  He taught me from my youth everything there is to know about the ship.  He had kept a Log of many of the places He had been, of every important thing He has done and I found that if I really wanted to know my Captain, I couldn’t do anything more important than reading and studying what He has written.

God is the captain of our salvation and the Holy Bible is His inerrant Word.  In it He tells us of His loving plan to make man in His image and after His likeness and though man sinned, in His great eternal purpose He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sin and so He bought us back (redeemed us) through Christ’s death on the cross.  All of this He has done in order that we may go to be with Him when we die.  Jesus said that He was going to prepare a place for us where we could spend eternity with Him.

I have read some part of the Bible every day of my life with very few exceptions beginning when I got saved at age fourteen in Lubec and I am nearly eighty years old as I write these words.  The Bible is a wonderful book and God says that we should hide it in our hearts so we might not sin against Him.   It is to be a lamp for our feet and a light for our path in life (Ps.119:11,105).

Start in the Gospel of John – then read the other three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Read it every day and ask God to help you understand it.