I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.

Audio Bible Study

Introduction to Tapes

These are messages preached mostly at Bucksport and range over the entire period of my ministry there.  Just a word about quality - the sound is fine but I was never skilled at organization.  I believe that usually I preached under the direction of the Holy Spirit so you will find the material edifying and convicting even if the delivery is not the greatest.  It does take a lot of time to load them into the website, so there are not many available - especially at first.  I have hundreds of them and if I know they are being used I will gladly add more.  Just contact me and tell me that you are using them.  Thanks, C.

Breaking News 

The audio tapes could not be accessed on some equiptment but most will now be able to hear the ten tapes on the Cross in the life of the believer below.  These important tapes have become available through the kind help of Brother Dan Shunk. Also, see his website,  www.evidentlyitstrue  - excellent on Creationism! 

Studies in Genesis

1. The Devil's Shoelaces - Gen. 14

2. God's Tests in our Lives - Gen. 22

3. Power with God and with Men - Gen. 32

4. A Smelly Mess - Gen. 34

5. Hated by His Brethren_- Gen. 37

6. Joseph in Prison - Gen. 39

7. The Ways of God - Gen. 42 - 45


Taking Up The Cross - Preached in Ann Arbor, MI in 2004   (The first 4 messages show Paul's emphasis on the Cross as it related to his own personal experience.  The next 2  messages show Christ's teaching relative to the taking up of the cross, and the last 4  messages have to do with the application of these principles as they relate to the Church.  This is certainly the most important subject for the Christian to consider and these messages should be heard  in the order in which they were preached)  (There are 10 messages and they will be added as we are able to find time) 

It will help you to understand one of my illustrations of which I will make continual reference throughout these messages if you will visualize a giant cross where the pulpit stands.  Obviously there are two sides to this cross and I will be often speaking of people being on one side or the other.  The side to my right as the speaker is the negative side so that the side to the congregation's right is the positive.  During the message I often point to one or the other of these sides without identifying which verbally but usually it will be evident to you especially if you listen to the messages consecutively.  It would be more effective if these could have been done as videos but that technology was not available to me at that time.  Once you grasp the concept you will appreciate its effectiveness.  Thank you for your patience   If you do not understand and I can assist you in doing so, please contact me. 



1.    Introduction-  

2.    Paul Applying the Cross to Himself

3.    Christ In Paul -

4.    Resignation to the Cross                               

5.    The Cross of Christ - It's Radical Nature 

6.    The Cross - The Corn of Wheat   

7.    The Cross - How God Hates the Flesh   (note - includes Memorial day remarks and prayer) 

8.    The Cross and Spiritual Circumcision      

9.     The Cross and Romans six 

10.  The Cross - Its Teaching Applied                                 


The River of Life - Sermon preached at E.Corinth, Maine, Jan. '04

I will repeat here what I have said on the page where you will find this message which I preached at E.Corinth, Maine in Jan. of '04.  This is probably my most enjoyable message to preach.  It is my favorite because it is so exciting to tie things together under this theme  which has fabulous pictures from the Old Testament and wonderful application in the New.  It starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation - and all of this in about 50 minutes.  Click on it, sit back and enjoy!

God's Eternal Purpose (Eph 3:11)

1.  Known Before Birth (Part 1)