I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.


Let me say right at the start that this is not a "hope so" or "think so" proposition. God does not leave us with a question mark over this subject. I John 5:13 says, "that ye may know that ye have eternal life. He has done everything that an all powerful sovereign God can do to take care of this matter and it is as certain for those who are born again as is His everlasting love for His Son Jesus. The key, of course, is whether one has been saved by receiving His gift of eternal life based on what Jesus did for us on the cross of Calvary. He took our place, died for our sins and when we believe this which is simply taking His Word for it given in the Bible, He makes it real by coming into our very being by His Spirit. Thus a Christian is a person who literally is indwelt by God Himself. This is clearly taught in the Bible and all of the so-called Protestant denominations once believed it wholeheartedly, namely, for example, the Methodists, the Congregationalists, the Presbyterians, Baptists and Pentecostalists. That is a provable statement! Many have drifted away from this basic belief of faith in the finished work of Christ and the reality of a new birth experience. This is what George Whitfield preached during the Great Awakening here in America in the 1740's and is what we need to hear today. It is preached ;in our church in Searsport and was preached in my home church in Lubec where I grew up.

I will tell you as strongly as I can, it is extremely unlikely that, if you cannot say as I can , with conviction, based on the Biblical revelation of salvation through Jesus Christ, " I know I am saved", you will ever see Heaven! The alternative is Hell! Jesus warned more about Hell than He spoke about Heaven. There is no doubt He believed in it and so will you the second you die if you do not receive God,s gift of salvation.

Now let us proceed to what I really want to talk about. My Heavenly home!

The Bible doesn’t answer all of our questions about what Heaven will be like, but what it does say may sound like science-fiction to you at first. I will not quote all the verses, but if you want to read about it, turn in your Bible to Revelation, the last three chapters and you will find most of this there.

First, after Christ comes back there will be a wonderful time of peace on the earth for a period of 1000 years. This is like the prelude to Heaven for all true believers. It is real and will happen or God is a liar! He is not! And Christ could come at any moment (I Thessalonians 4)

At the end of the Millenium, eternity will begin. (I am leaving out a few details). The New Jerusalem will be the eternal abode for the Church. Actually, God will come down to earth and dwell with us on the New Earth. The City will be in size as long and wide as from Searsport to Florida and just as high, probably shaped like a piramid with God’s throne at the apex. There will be lots of wide open spaces in each level and there will be 12 levels (like a parking garage) so far apart that you will hardly be aware that there is anything above you. There will be the river of life flowing throughout and the tree of life will grow all along its banks with 12 kinds of fruit on it. There will be no night and the LORD will be its light. The streets will be gold - there will be beauty everywhere - no sin, no sorrow or tears. A wonderful place! If the description is symbolic, then it will be even better. Not to worry, - if you think you won’t like it, you will! I tend to think the description is very much like it will really be.

We will see and fellowship with all saved family members and loved ones, the dear saints of all ages like the apostle Paul, Peter and Mary and especially the Lord Jesus.

I am planning on being there quite soon - how about you - will I eventually see you there? I hope so.