I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.

Thine is the Glory

"That no flesh should glory in His sight" - this is the reason why we must learn to walk in the spirit for whatever the flesh does it glories in. Even if it be the development of our devotional life, as worthy as that is, the flesh must play no role. Self-discipline may be carried on in the flesh. Some are able to achieve considerable gains by their own efforts. They would not say they had done it, and would rather quickly state that they had made progress by "the help of the Lord" but this, if it is examined carefully is only self covering up for self, for it (the flesh) will not be exposed and has clever ways of seeing to that. The honest heart will testify that there has been nothing of the supernatural works of God done in the life but only that which any natural man may accomplish who also believes in self-discipline if he has will-power enough. Others try and fail and again try and again fail. These are the weak ones and you may be thankful if you fit in this category . Too weak to achieve their desired end through legal means (that is, by the law) they become desperate and cry to God for the answer. It seems He is telling us:

This is what I desired for you from the start and I have told you this so plainly in my word. "Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect through the flesh?" My child, it must be grace all the way else it is works and in my plan, works gain thee nothing. I have worked, you must rest in that fact and strange as it may seem to you I can only work through the resting ones. It must be clear to you that whatever is done right must be done by Me through you, through your body yielded to Me. My glory must not be shared by another. This is why I do not "help" you do things for Me however sincerely you may wish to do them for this does not teach you the truth concerning yourself or Me and I will not be involved in a half-truth.

Now, I know that you are discontented with yourself. You want to love Me more, you wish you could be a better student of My Word and you are very dissatisfied with your praying. You know you should speak to others about Me but too often you lips are sealed shut and you later condemn yourself for it. You feel that since I love you and have died for you that I must have provided some way to help you in this distress. My child, learn this now, and learn this well, the power for you to live pleasing to Me was gained through My cross. You will not apprehend this power until you comprehend that truth. Pray to understand this. Be satisfied with nothing less than full comprehension of how My cross has put a complete end to the flesh. Pour over those texts which proclaim this truth until they become a part of you, until the light has broken through and illumined your heart. Now, do exactly as it is told you... "know" (Rom.6:6-7).... "reckon" (Rom.6:11-12).... "yield" (Rom.6:11-12). Confess each failure as sin, go back again and again until your heart believes that what I did with you at the cross is true. When you can believe, you will receive. Then, from within, from that well of water that springs up within you will come a river that will overflow its banks. My Spirit will teach you, He will pray through you, He will lead you to others and speak to them through you ... and all the time you will be resting .. And your heart will be singing, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY ... and it will all be Mine!