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Song - River of God

This is a song I wrote in Ann Arbor and the music was written by Betty Widgeon's brother.  He performed the song at the time, but this rendition is done by The Jones Family in Nova Scotia.  Below you will find the words to the song and some explanation as to the meaning of some of the phrases.  It goes along with a series that  I was preaching at the time .  You may need to click on the start button to begin playing the song. 


There’s a river says the psalmist,

Prophets saw it deep and broad

Flowing ever onward, outward,

Springing from the throne of God;

Coming from the well of Joseph,

Making fruitful branches crawl,

Ever upward, ever outward

Casting fruit beyond the wall.


O, the Spirit and the bride say come,

And everyone that thirsteth now may come;

Without money without price,

Drink the sweet water of life;

So come without delay, my friend, please come.


Strangers taste it, sweet as honey;

Others say it tastes like gall.

Come and buy it without money

Whoso on the Lord shall call.

Rivers flowing, trees there growing,

All along the blessed stream;

Showing forth the gospel story,

Record of th’ eternal scheme.


Let us then be channels yielded

To the Lord of harvest great.

Let the river flow unhindered,

Souls will meet us at the gate.

Crowns of joy will they be to us,

Those who from the Living Well

Drank so deeply, and now safely

Gathered home their story tell.


Could we ever be more useful,

Could there ever be for man

A greater, nobler calling

Then our God’s eternal plan?


Last Chorus - (slightly different)


Oh the Spirit and the bride say "come",

And he that hath no money, yes, may come.

Take Jesus as your Savior and you’ll never thirst again;

So come without delay, my friend, please come.

So come without delay my friend, please come.





The psalmist speaks of the River of God in Psalm 46 and the prophet Ezekiel in ch. 47 coming from God’s throne and getting wider and deeper as it flowed.

The well of Jacob is seen as another source of the river - Gen. 49:22. The wall separates the believers from the world, but the fruitful branches hang over the wall and draw the seekers in.

Strangers taste the sweet water yet to those who reject it is bitter.

Many Scriptures speak of trees growing by the river - showing God’s plan for man to be like a tree planted by the River.

The Lord Jesus met the woman at the well and gave her living water - and later spoke of the believer having a river flowing out of his inmost being. Paul spoke of those we will meet in heaven as crowns of joy to us when we see them.

The River of God’s Life is a picture of His great eternal plan and is seen in Revelation 22:1 in consumation.

In the same chapter of Revelation in verse 17 we hear the divine invitation to Come and take of the water of Life freely..

Friend, if you have not received this free gift, please come and drink by faith. Simply open your heart to God - tell him you want to receive this water of life. Can He refuse you?