I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.

Sea Chanties -  Here we include some poems and songs we have written most of which relate to the work of God in one way or another just like the old sea chanties sung by the sailors were designed to make their work go more smoothly. 

Poem - Beautiful For Situation

Song - The River of God

Poem - Christmas Wishes

Here are some songs sung by the Middletown Bible Church Choir:

The spoken words in the songs is by Pastor George Zeller who also leads the choir.  He is a prolific writer and his work may be downloaded from the church's website. Click on the name whereever you see it underlined and it will take you to the website or go to my page on links (Knowing the Ropes).

1.  My Anchor Holds 

2.  Master The Tempest Is Raging