I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.

The Crow's Nest - Here Is My Picture Gallery

My Anchor Holds by Middletown Bible Church Choir (Click icon to turn off)
From the highest part of the ship one can see all that is to be seen; other ships, islands, the mainland with all it's flora and fauna.  Here is a little sample what I have seen from the good ship grace!

Sunrise at BucksmillsSunrise

Sunset at Toddy Pond


upper left - Charles at Whetstone Falls---- Upper Middle - Gloria doing cross stitch --- Snowy morning in Bucksmills 

Ghost tree on our road--       Gertrude McAlllian's camp at Moxie Pond                --- Birch Harbor

Friends from I.F.C.A. Days

Right - Dr. William McCarrell, "Mr. IFCA "- considered to be the founder.  (two pics)

Below - Al Smith, Hymnwriter and publisher




Below -  Harold Freeman, Northern California Regional - served with me on the Board.(on left)

Right - top - Lyle Murphy St. Louis - also  served with me.

Lower Right- Joe Stringer- President of the New England Regional, I.F.C.A.

Below - The New England Delegation to the I.F.C.A. National  Convention at Limerick ,PA in 1984 - Geo. Parsons, Fran and Mrs. Gardner Norm Gibbs and others

Below is a slideshow mostly made up of people who have

 been in my life over the past 60 years.  There are about 50 pictures and they are designed to loup -  with 10 seconds of viewing time for each.  There are captions on most of them and if you find these difficult to read, you probably have a device on your computer to enlarge them easily.

Another Slideshow!  This one is all pictures of flowers.  Many of them were taken at Longwood Gardens in Maryland by C.M.  Most of the others are grab shots of wild flowers etc.  that I have taken randomly around home and in the garden we had while living at Bucksport in the woods.  If anyone knows that names of most of them and would like to help me name them, it would be nice to have captions on them all but the show will have to be rebuilt.  Let me know.

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