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Male Problems

The lists of sins indicate that a lot of men's problems have to do with sex. They have trouble with evil thoughts, with lust, with controlling their eyes and with being faithful to one woman, especially in their minds. Christian men have Christ to enable them to change. Change is sometime very slow because we certainly do not grow any faster than the rate that we are appropriating in our lives the truth of God's word.

That brings up the rest of the problem, the male ego. Men are proud and usually very self-confident, therefore it is hard for them to admit that they have a problem and almost impossible to get them to admit to the need for help. Men are usually quite ambitious and get very involved in their work. Pride and work often become twin evils in a man's life. This can be especially true when things are not going well at home. If he fails at being a good husband and father, he can often drown out his conscience by proving to himself and to his peers that he is a good worker and thus a good provider. If his marriage fails he can always start over (unsaved) for it is far easier to get another wife than another job. It is easy to blame someone else for failure rather than accepting the responsibility himself. One counselor has said that if a marriage fails after 5 years it is always the man's fault.


The solution for the Christian man is quite simple. He needs to learn to put the Lord first. He needs to get into the scriptures and learn to become a praying man. He needs to put the spiritual welfare of his family above his job and his own selfish ambition and pleasure. He needs to humble himself before God and confess his need of His help and then be willing to seek help with problems he cannot seem to handle alone. Psalm 51:17.