I dedicate this website to the memory of my dear mother Doris Harmon, seen here in one of her high school pictures.  I expect to see her again.


To my sweet wife Gloria who is a great source of joy to me every day.

Books, Books and more Books ! 


Obviously, this page is about books but needs some explanation, so here goes ---

l. My library - I have over 3,000 books of a spiritual nature.  There are about 400 on the subject of Church history alone, many pastors journals, commentaries, hymn stories, Christian biography, etc. and it is my desire that these might be used for study, research etc.  Anyone wishing to do this may contact me and make arrangements, but I will need references, primarily from a pastor in order to allow you into my home if I do not personally know you.  I love people and the welcome mat is out!

2. Osprey Lane Books  My wife and I have a small business by which we are beginning to market books over Amazon.com  There are some secular books included which we purchase to resell.  To our knowledge these are unobjectionable.  My hope is that after I leave here for heaven, Gloria may be able to generate some income through the sale of my library in this manner.  I might even be willing to part with a particular book from my library if someone would really like to have it and; would pay a modest sum.  You may Google our business by going to Amazon and bringing up OSPREY LANE BOOKS